Update from Cabo Frio

Pastor Marcel Tavares

Greetings, brothers of our sister churches and partners!

Some church activities, such as Sunday school and Thursday studies, returned during this quarter. As usual we have worshipped twice per Sunday, and the services continue to be broadcast on the Internet. However, these live broadcasts are not encouraged for members, but for people who are distant from the church. The character is evangelistic. The preaching has been on the gospel of Matthew. We recently finished a series of studies on the Fourth Commandment during Sunday school. The issue of the Sabbath is an area in which the church needs to mature.

Beginning in September, we will begin a series of studies on family worship, better known in Brazil as “domestic worship.” It is vital to the growth of the church that members understand their covenant responsibility to strengthen the home sphere. We want men to assume their leadership role. We also want the Christian development of children to be valued. The anti-family and anti-child culture that surrounds us must be countered.

Sunday School at the IRB Cabo Frio – Studies on Family Worship

Meetings for the development of the men of the church.

Fortnightly we are meeting on Saturdays for studies aimed at men. We are reading Pr. Douglas Wilson’s Book Future Men. These meetings have been very fruitful in the lives of the men of the church, and this has also been an opportunity for us to receive visitors. Most of the men in the church have participated in these studies. Everyone is eager to grow in their responsibilities as men who follow the Lord Jesus, and thus lead their homes, loving their wives, raising children in love and discipline to the glory of Christ. These meetings also serve as part of training for men who in the future may become elders or deacons in our church.