Leadership training course - Caruaru

One essential aspect of discipleship in any congregation, but especially in a mission congregation or church plant, is leadership training. In order to survive, and indeed to thrive, churches need godly, strong, and prepared leaders to guide their growth. With this in mind, Pr. Jim and Pr. Lucio have begun the “Treinamento em Serviço e Liderança” (Training in Service and Leadership) course in the mission congregation in Caruaru.

This course is based on a course that was originally prepared by Pr. Wes Bredenhof, adapted to the Brazilian setting and translated into Portuguese. Pr. Jim first gave this course in the church of Grande Recife in 2019 to prepare men for the offices of elder and deacon prior to the election of new officebearers.

In Caruaru the course is being done monthly, on the last Saturday of each month, online. There are ten sessions of about two hours each. 

Leadership Training Session - 1st virtual session in Caruaru

The first part of each session is doctrinal, and the second is “practical.” Topics include the Biblical foundations of the offices in the church, leadership in the home, personal devotions, family worship, and the duties and responsibilities of elders and deacons.

Each participant in the course prepares a personal growth plan, and evaluates his personal strengths as well as areas in which growth is needed. In the weeks between meetings, Pr. Lucio acts as mentor and meets with the men who are participating in the course. We have had up to nine men participating, several of whom are members or regular visitors to the Caruaru mission congregation. There is also a group of young men from other churches who have been participating in the course as well.

Our goals in presenting this course is specifically to prepare men to become elders and deacons in the church, as the Caruaru mission congregation continues to work toward institution. We pray that this course will be one more step on the way to that objective, and also have an impact in other churches!