Mission Brazil – 50 Years!! Stay Tuned…

This year we are celebrating and remembering that Mission Brazil was begun 50 years ago!

1970 – 2021 What happened in those years?

Want to know more about what happened between then and now in Brazil?  The Aldergrove Mission Board Society is publishing a commemorative book about the mission work in Brazil. This is scheduled to be published in Fall 2021.

1970 September

The VanSpronsen family leaves for Brazil stopping first in Campinas in the state of São Paulo, for Language and culture training.

1971 September

Rev. VanSpronsen and his family move to the city of Chapecó, to start the mission work.

After realizing there are many Christian churches in  the area of Chapecó, and after intensive discussions between consistory and Rev. VanSpronsen, it is decided to abandon Chapecó and move to Pernambuco.  

The church at São José in 1975

1972 April

 The VanSpronsen family moves to São José da Coroa Grande.

1974 May

The Igreja Reformada do Brasil (Reformed Church in Brazil) has their first church building inaugurated in São José.


By mid-1975, the church at São José has around 40 adults attending, plus 50-55 children attend Sunday School.

The first church:

By mid-1975, church attendance is around 40 adults each Sunday, and 50-55 children plus 11 adults attend Sunday School. Bible study is attended regularly by a core of close to 30 adults and a number of older children. During the church service of Sunday afternoon, January 26, 1975, five women publicly profess their faith and they and 6 children are accepted as members. Two of the children had never been baptized and this is performed in the same service. On the first Sunday in February, the Lord’s Supper is celebrated with 9 communicant members partaking. By the end of that year, 4 men and one more woman had become members, for a total of 11 communicant and 10 non-communicant members. 


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