Update from the field - Summer 2021
The Chase family arrives

In October 2020 we introduced you to our new missionary Pastor Chase and family.

A New Face in the Family

On April 22nd, 2021 the Chase family was blessed with the birth of a son, David Manley Chase.

The Chase Family - Looking Forward

Pastor Chase spent some very productive months in BC, where he was able to follow a foreign mission course and work and meet with Rev. Witteveen. The family was also able to meet the Aldergrove congregation, be it scattered and in smaller numbers due to the restrictions. He and his family were eagerly waiting for an opportunity to move to Brazil. They looked forward to a new place for the kids, a familiar place for Pastor Chase, an old place for Daniele, but most of all a place to which the Lord has called them all.

Departure and Arrival

July 1st 2021 - saying good-bye

While in São Paulo, transferring from one airport to another to catch a flight to Recife, the family was able to have a mid-journey visit inside the Campinas airport with Pastor Adriano Gama, Pastor-Missionary in Colombo, Paraná, Brasil.

The Chase family looking relaxed at the Aldeia Training Centre

The first Sunday in Brazil...

Pastor Chase could not wait to start his calling in Brazil. On Sunday July 11th the church service in Grande Recife was led by Pastor Chase.