Update from the Field - Oct 2021

The following account is a short update from Pr. Jon Chase, one of our missionaries in Brazil. 

Following are some updates on the ongoing instruction at the seminary: 

  • A lot of theological education that is being provided by IRB pastors to pastors and
    elders in other federations desiring to move in a Reformed direction. Especially Pastor Messias in Indaiatuba who was present at the last two concílios and whose church is coming ever closer to officially being admitted to the IRB. Also:
    • Pastor Vilmar of the Berean Reformed Church in São Luís, Maranhão
    • Pastor Ezequiel Silva of the New Generation Reformed Church in Maceió, Alagoas
    • Pr. Ademir Ferreira of the “Defense of the Faith Reformed Church” in Olho d’água das flores, Alagoas
    • Washington Silva, member of the Mighty Fortress Presbyterian Church in Maceió, Alagoas
    • Elder Kleber, presbítero na congregação em Caraguatatuba
  • I’ll be visiting the congregation in João Pessoa, Paraíba this Sunday—about two hours
    north of here. It’s a small congregation under the supervision of Esperança. Doesn’t get a lot of attention, but elder Jonathan there is doing good work. 

  • A number of churches will be celebrating Reformation Day on October 31st.

Pastor Jim, together with pastors Adriano and Pastor Elienai, have been doing an office-bearer’s training program for the last three months. With Pastor Jim being sick, the two others have been keeping the project going, and there’s a lot of interest. Currently nine attendees. The ongoing training of office-bearers is badly needed, so we can give thanks for God’s blessing over this initiative.

This past Saturday was the monthly “Couple’s study” here in the church in Greater Recife. It’s been a pretty successful initiative, aimed at helping married couples continue to work on their marriage relationship. Pastor Madson from Maragogi led this one. Next month I’ll be leading.