The São Paulo Congregation

The following account is from Pr. Jon Chase, one of our missionaries in Brazil. You can also find this on the Brazil Reformed Mission Facebook page,  along with other accounts of his activities. 

This past week I (Pastor Chase) had the privilege of meeting with two more congregations in the São Paulo area. Pastor Elienai has been working in São Paulo since last year, with a view to planting a church in the centre of São Paulo. Church planting work in the big cities is naturally very different than in smaller towns, as communities have fewer roots, and work routines tend to dominate people’s schedules. Covid restrictions have made this work even more challenging.

Nonetheless, by God’s grace, Pastor Elienai has been able to develop some of the first contacts, and a congregation gathers for worship in a hotel room every Sunday. São Paulo is a massive city, so these first contacts naturally live a good distance apart from each other.

Nonetheless Pr. Elienai works tirelessly to visit the members in their homes, disciple them, conduct bible studies online, and gather the congregation for worship. Pr. Elienai is also one of the first pioneers in the Brazilian homeschooling movement, having begun some 11 years ago when it was still unheard of in this country. He contributed extensively with instructional and meditational materials for homeschooling parents. It was a pleasure to be able to spend timewith Pr. Elienai this week and learn more about his weekly routine and his hopes for this mission work.

The Chase Family with Pastor Elienai and family